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From Mon.-Thur. Is 11am – 5pm MDT

Other Times: I am very flexible & available for pre-scheduling. Text me at 937-999-1446 to arrange a session! (More contact options on my payment page)

About Me:

What might you see if you peeked in my window? Perhaps you’d find me trying on outfits for my afternoon belly dance practice. Maybe you’d catch me lazily stretched out on my tummy, on the big leather couch, enjoying a wicked fantasy novel about an elven princess being dominated by a demon… Perhaps you’ll find me in my robe, with glass of wine in hand, an erotic audiobook on my tablet, as I glide into my bathroom to undress for a long, luxurious bubble bath… I’ll bet you’d love to see what my fingers are doing beneath the bubbles.

You might even witness me lovingly prepare dinner, moving about my kitchen barefoot, in a little cotton sundress, expecting my husband home at any moment

And amidst all this, you may also notice the big, beautiful vibrator that waits by my phone all day when I’m home alone…

You might see me answer that phone–smiling and reaching for that vibrator while I lay back on the big leather couch… Ready to spread my legs for complete strangers! This might surprise you, my peeping Tom… Even delight you. After all, you’ve just discovered my naughty little secret… I don’t just read about submissives and erotic fantasies… I am these things, and so much more!

I’m a phone sex operator. And I love it.

My name is Vanessa Raqs. I’m a very real 30–something year old woman, homemaker and belly dancer. I am affectionate, sweet, an eager submissive, creative and playful, genuinely multi-orgasmic… And I adore the thrill of knowing that I’m being paid to get off with you on the phone while my husband is at work. It’s dirty, delicious and oh so much fun!

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