In the Boudoir of Brandywine, PSO


Written by Vanessa Raqs


She didn’t really feel there was anything sexy about the name Marley. Cute, maybe…but not sexy. That’s why she called herself–or, her character anyway–by the name Brandywine. At least, that’s what it said on her PSO website. Naturally, most of her clients simply called her by the name Brandy.

Marley had deep auburn curls, creamy skin, a rather plump, if shapely physique, larger-than-average breasts, golden brown bedroom eyes and a dazzling “cat that ate the canary” smile.

Brandy looked allot like Marley… If a little skinnier, with knockout legs, and a demure face–a face which had a fair bit less character than that of the woman who’s voice she shared…but her lips were pouty and her rack was rocking! Brandy’s photos had been purchased from an adult stock photo site and the men loved her. It had taken Marley weeks of searching to find a model that looked enough like herself, that she felt connected with the image. Marley thought of “Brandy” as her party-girl alter ego.

Marley…was a phone sex operator (and a damn good one too, if she had anything to say about it!). Brandy…was the character which Marley played…when she played with her clients.

She’d barely set her tablet down on the nightstand, after setting her website indicator to “I Am Available”, when her phone began to ring… Not bad, she thought. She typically received few calls in the early afternoon. The time wasn’t quite 1pm. Perhaps this will be a busy day, she thought, feeling that wicked smile curve her pink lips.

“Hello, this is Brandywine” she almost-purred into the handset, pouring warm whiskey, dark honey, and a touch of spice into each smooth syllable.

“Hi, there…” came the deep timbre of a man’s voice. A man–she thought–who wasn’t especially confident about his decision to call, if the hesitancy in his voice was anything to go by. She’d have to see what she could do about that…

She softened her tone, adding a bit more honey, when she replied “Well…hi, back at you. What’s your name, baby?” The endearment had slipped out. She was usually more careful with those, as they made some men uncomfortable, but something about him had…loosened her lips. His voice was just so wonderfully rich and husky, she needed to hear more of it. It had placed her in a more intimate mindset.

She decided she’d made the right call however, when she heard a light, warming chuckle from his end of the line. Marley could practically feel him start to relax.

In a delicious southern drawl, he said “Name’s Ted. You got yerself a Texas man here. Ain’t never done nothin’ like this before but I really just needed to hear the sound of a woman’s voice this afternoon…y’know?”

Just then, Marley heard a notification from her tablet. A few quick taps showed her that he had just paid…and for a leisurely 30 minute session too! Good, he wasn’t intimidated by the online checkout process. Taking payment over the phone was getting so complicated, due to increased costs and regulations set by the credit card companies …but many clients were put off by online checkout. It was refreshing to encounter a man who handled the task so graciously. And the idea that she was going to enjoy a possible 30 minutes with this sexy-voiced southerner…well, mmm-mmm-mmm!

“Well, Ted…” she said, doing nothing to disguise the pleasure in her tone “I sure am happy that you picked this woman’s voice for your afternoon delight”. Even she could hear her smile seeping into those last two words.

An answering smile, and perhaps a touch of mischief, was detectable in his tone when he simply rumbled a “Hmmm” in response.

“So…my Texas man…tell me what I can do for you..”. Now Marley heard something more predatory insert itself into her words. Damn, she liked this man!

His answer was all gravel, when he replied “Get on over here into this bed with me, woman, and be naked when you do”. Now he was sounding predatory…

Marley…no, Brandy, moaned a very agreeable “Yes, sir!”. She sank into her bed, into the overstuffed pillows, and slid out of her black silk bikini panties–the only thing she wore under a giant black sleepshirt–and reached for her favorite vibrator; a slender, high-quality, lavender purple jackrabbit, number.

“That’s my girl…” he responded. “I’m goin’ to tangle my fingers up in all that gorgeous soft hair of yours, while I kiss you. Gather it all up into my fist. Then drag your head down to this rock hard cock! It’s just waitin’ for those pretty lips to touch it”.

She touched the tips of her vibe’s bunny ears, to her clit and turned it on low, then medium. The moment that vibration happened, she let loose a deep, enthusiastic moan. Now, this is what phone sex was meant to be! “Oh, God yes… Ted, my lips can’t wait to feel your smooth cock beneath them! And my tongue… I’m licking that pre-cum off the tip of your cock and it taste so damned good! I’m getting so wet, so fast…” Marley pressed the head of her vibrator against her pussy lips and began guiding it into her pussy, slowly, with a grateful gasp and another sweet moan.

“Let me hear you suck on it, baby!”

Marley reached for the dildo on her nightstand and pressed it to her lips for a loud smacking kiss, before drawing it into her mouth . She made enthusiastic sucking sounds and moaned around the silicon shaft.

“That’s it, sweetheart. Now gag on it for me…”. She did, and she positively reveled in his answering groans of appreciation. He was so responsive. So vocally into it. Marley absolutely loves sessions like this!

She withdrew the dildo from between her lips, making a soft, wet “pop”. With her lips still pressed against the head of it, she told him “I want to ride this, Ted, so badly!” Then Marley sucked it back into her mouth to let him hear her enjoying “his” cock.

His answering growl was all pleasure, just before telling her “Then get up here, woman…right up here! I got myself propped up against the headboard so you can just slide them long pretty legs right around me. That’s it…get up here…fuck, yeah! Let me watch you slide that tight, pretty pussy all the way down that long, thick cock, Sugar!”

Marley pictured it all, right along with him. Her breaths coming faster, heavier. She turned her vibrator up to high then let out a gasp which melted into a sob of pleasure. So good. So, so good

“You’re hitting all the right spots, Ted” Marley moaned. “I’ve got my legs wrapped tightly around you. I’m rocking my hips on your cock. I just need those strong hands on my ass, Ted!”. She was really into this…

“Oh, I’ve got ya, baby. That ass is mine… I’m squeezin’, pushin’ ‘n’ pullin’ those perfect hips to get me even deeper inside you”. He was sounding more and more lost to the fantasy. As she was. Marley suspected though that this session might be far shorter than 30 minutes–but, then he said “Damn, girl! You’re getting me worked up too quickly”. He sounded as though he were trying to catch his breath when he chuckled and added “Let’s slow this down a bit, sweetheart. I’m not done with you”.

“I am so glad to hear that” she purred. She meant it, too. Marley loved sessions like these, where there was genuine chemistry and connection. This was the kind of session which made her love her job. “Tell me what you need, Ted. I want more…” There was that pervasive smile seeping back into her voice again! This man was bringing out her inner temptress, full-force.

“I need that gorgeous round ass. And, believe me, Sugar…you are goin‘ to get allot more…” Ted told her in that deep, rich, Texas drawl. “Now, get on your knees and your elbows for me”. Oh goody, she thought, feeling giddy. This is getting even better!

She began teasing herself with her vibrator. Slowly moving it in and out of her tight wet pussy, allowing the tickling bunny ears to touch her clit for only brief moments before pulling them away again. She was forestalling her orgasm, sensing that this one would be explosive,and savoring every moment of the build-up. Damn, sometimes phone sex can be even hotter than the real thing!

“You ready for me, sweetheart?” Ted rumbled.

“Fuck, yes” she hissed into the phone, barely holding back her orgasm but needing to draw it out.

“You’d better be ready…you’re getting all of this thick Texas shaft, in that tight little ass. You wanted more…I’m giving you everything…”

“Oh, my….God! Yes, please…Ted, make me take it all! Ted, please!” She thought hold back, hold back, hold back….gonna cum too soon!

He chuckled again, low and wicked. “That’s right, baby…you want me fucking every part of you, don’t ya?” his breathing becoming more ragged, he continued “Oh! Sweetheart, you are so tight…I’m sliding this thick cock into your pretty ass, nice ‘n’ slow. Makin’ sure you feel each thick inch of me as I go deep, deep into you–” cut off by his low shudder, Ted followed it with a delicious moan.

For Marley, the dam finally broke. She let go into an all-consuming orgasm. She barely had the presence of mind to pull the phone slightly away from her mouth before she began to scream, not wanting to hurt Ted’s ears. “Ahhh, Ted–” she cried out. her fist clenched the phone tight as she came, her knuckles going white around the receiver.

“Oh, god, baby…that’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard! Scream for me. Show me how much you need my dick inside you. How much you love taking it in that gorgeous round ass, for me! Oh, babe…I’m cumming–” and he was cumming! He came hard and loud for her. She savored every second of it…

They both took a moment to catch their breath, before either spoke.

Finally, Marley chuckled softly and said “Now, that is how I like to start my afternoon!”

“I’ll bet that smile of yours is bright as the summer sun, right ’bout now. I can hear it in your voice…” Ted told her, sounding very satisfied.

Marley couldn’t help it. She giggled and just felt warm all over “Oh, you bet it is. Thank you so much for giving me a call today. I sincerely hope I will be hearing from you again”.

Laughing, he responded “Buttercup, you got yerself a new regular! By the way, Sugar, what did you say your name was again?”

So at ease with this Texan, she didn’t even think, before she accidentally answered truthfully “Marley…”. A second too late, she realized her mistake. “Darnit” she laughed “I mean, Brandy” she amended, sheepishly.

There came that deep, husky chuckle again “Mmm, Darlin’, I must admit…I like Marley, better”.

And she had to admit to herself, when he said it like that, with that little growl in his voice, that perhaps the name Marley was sexy, after all… Maybe even sexier than Brandy!


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