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Sexy Things & Where to Find Them

Some think it’s odd that I list Etsy as one of my preferred gift card links in my website’s sidebar. After all, the Etsy marketplace is known for its crafts and artists. Not lingerie, bondage, or fetishes…right? However, stop to consider the wide variety of products this “crafter’s market” entails!

Are you looking for a sexy gift, for someone special? Know someone who has a perfume fetish? And, speaking of fetishes… You can indulge nearly any fetish you can think of, at the Etsy marketplace!

Try a search for “Sexy lingerie”, “Lace masquerade mask”, “Burlesque”, “Lace lingerie”, “Leather lingerie”, “Victorian corset”, “Romantic perfumes”, “Bondage”… The options are limitless and offer a wide range of prices. Look for glowing reviews from sellers and keep in mind that many sellers also offer the option for customized buying. In other words, if you find something close to what you want, contact the seller and see if they can’t get it just a bit closer to your goal.

Your special someone will appreciate handmade, artisan, unique gifts. Not every sexy thing has to come from Victoria’s Secret.

And… When in doubt, buy a gift card! If there is one thing that a woman loves as much as, if not more than, receiving gifts, it’s shopping! Spoil your sexy lady and she will spoil you right back.