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Entering the Holidays!


I hope everyone’s making plans for a wonderful & sexy holiday season! I am certainly eager to start my own wish list & you can bet there will be toys on it! Who would like to be Santa & let me sit on their lap…? You’d better have a good thick candycane for me to suck on…

I want to take this moment to say thank you, to my callers and most especially, those of you who have decided to be my valued regulars. I appreciate you and enjoy your company, immensely! I look forward to many future sessions with each of you.

I have also been thinking about a sexy new pinup for a “Mrs. Clause” version of cartoon Vanessa. I look forward to presenting her sometime this holiday season, in the hopes that her candycane-striped, ruffled booty and thigh-high, fur-trimmed, red stockings, give you all one more reason to smile as we head into the busiest time of the year.

And remember, if the holidays get too stressful, give me a call… I’d love to help you to keep smiling through all the chaos!


XX ~ Vanessa