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Forbidden Office Fruit

Sloppy, wet suction and soft moans were exactly the kind of ambiant music that the ol’ office space needed, Rick thought to himself, while he watched his private show. Betty was on her knees beneath Rick’s desk. The pretty teen intern’s rosy lipstick was mostly rubbed off. Her soft brown hair slid like silk over his exposed lap and she had a seal locked tight around his dick. Her slippery pink tongue drawing crazy patterns all up and down his stiff shaft, never paused, while her head bobbed up and down on it.

Betty’s navy skirt was hiked up around her waist, knees spread wide, while her fingers worked beneath her panties. She’d already brought herself to cum once and was working frantically towards another orgasm.

A knock sounded at the door to his office, but he ignored it. Betty, however, froze. He gave her a reassuring smile and said “The door is locked. They’ll assume I’m on a conference call. Don’t worry about it”. A moment later she resumed sucking down his cock, working one hand around it’s base, before removing it briefly to deep throat him again. Damn, she ate dick like a pro!

Rick could feel himself getting closer. But, he wasn’t ready for his “coffee break” to end so quickly. “Betty, honey, hold on…” he said, placing a hand on her head to slow her down.

“Hmmm?” She replied, sounding a bit dazed.

He pushed back on his roller chair and reached for her arm, pulling her up to stand. He stood also, and turned her around to face his desk. “Bend over” he said into her ear, before placing his hand on her back to give her an encouraging push. She complied with a whimper.

He took her in, then. Skirt around her waist, one thigh high stocking beginning to slide down her leg while the other obediently stayed put. A cute pair of sage green bikini panties were drenched and askew, exposing the pink lips of her pretty shaved pussy. It was rosy, swollen and glistening. He had to taste it!

Getting on his knees, he put his lips on her, letting his tongue delve delve deep into her sex. She moaned while he lapped at her honey. He moved to suck gently on her clit and gave it a gentle nibble, which made her gasp. He began to slide two fingers into her tight heat, aggressively working them in and out of her while he sucked on her swollen clit and pussy lips. Thoroughly enjoying the wet sounds and the deepening of her cries, which she tried to muffle against the sleeve of her blouse, he used his free hand to slide one of her feet over, so that he could move in closer. Get in deeper.

She came. Her pussy clamping tightly down on his fingers in convulsions. Her thighs quivered and shook. And she drenched his hand. Her pussy juices soon dripped down his chin.

His cock strained, fair begging to pound that tight, swollen teen pussy.

While she panted, there on his desk, he sngged a condom from the drawer and expertly slid it on. Rick helped Betty to stand on trembling legs before sitting back in his office chair.

He guided her hips back and positioned his cock for her to sit on. That slippery cunt took him to the hilt, with no resistance. Betty cried out at the suddenness of it. Rick grunted then moaned with the satisfaction of it.

“Play with your nipples for me” he told her. She complied, shoving her blouse and bra up over her breasts and proceeding to pinch and pull those pretty pink nipples. He guided her hips with his hands, moving her quickly on his cock, deeply as she would take him. Those delicious wet sounds joined the clapping of their bodies.

They were both sweaty with the exertion of it, there in the quiet of his office. Heavy breathing, moaning and Betty’s whimpers, the wet sounds of her pussy plunging up-and-down on his stiff cock… These sounds pervaded the air around him.

Finally, he buried his face against her back and yelled, spending his orgasm, cumming hard into the forbidden teen intern who brought everyone their coffee each morning.

He’d been dying to fuck her ever since the first day he laid eyes on her. She was one hell of a good time, too.

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