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First Time Phone Sex

First time phone sex is… Exhilarating! Fun. Secretive. Naughty. Maybe a little scary… And very…rewarding!

And, let me say straight off, that the absolute best thing about phone sex (in my opinion) is the lush, excitingly dirty array of possibilities it lays, so alluring, before us. Be anyone. Try anything. Imagine everything exactly the way you need/want it to be! Within the world of phone sex, we explore the depths of arousal, kinks and fantasy. We are limited by no more than our individual imaginations and personal preferences.

I still remember the intense thrill of encouraging and experiencing phone sex with my boyfriends, as a teenager. So often, more exciting and fulfilling than the real life act. The human mind has, after all, always provided the epitome of aphrodisiacal fruit!

I remember being too shy to ask my boyfriends to say the things I wanted most to hear, from them. I also remember though, the intense reaction of my body when they would at last find the courage to tell me all the dirty, naughty, sexy, TEASING things they wanted to do to my body. I was relentless in creatively finding ways to coax and inspire them to “open up” to me about their desires… I couldn’t get enough of those dirty, wicked conversations! I remember brushing inexperienced fingers over the wet spot on my panties, while I listened with rapt attention, wanting, yearning, and every part of my body gone electric with desire. Even now, remembering those daring, late-night phone calls, their tentative exploration–so delicious to an inexperienced teen girl–is making me wet! Such simple things too, back then… I remember how it would light my body on fire when a boy told me, in husky, excited tones, that he wanted to pull my shirt off, unclasp my bra, and take my nipples between his lips. How he hoped I might wear a skirt to the movies with him, so that he could easily slip his hand beneath it to play with me in the dark theater. I remember how it would make me pant and moan to hear him talk about sliding his fingers inside me for the first time, and whisper about how badly he wanted to taste me. I remember the thrill of those blunt and brazen statements, like “I want to fuck you so deep and hard!” or “Oh my god, Vanessa–I want to be inside you so badly right now–I could just cum in my pants, thinking about it!”. Not so taboo, by more mature standards, but when you are a teen girl speaking in hushed tones over the phone, to an equally excited boy (whom your parents wouldn’t allow you to be left alone, behind closed doors with) it was ALL the allure of the forbidden, and more!

First-time phone sex is quite simply a sexual delicacy for which I can only be thankful! The act of phone sex is still one of my favorite activities today, and my memories of those first times, are enough to get my blood pumping even now.

As a phone sex operator, the experience takes on a new level of excitement; encountering strangers and varying pallets of desire. I will admit that I still feel a touch of nervousness when the phone rings… I’ve been told, by a few of my regular callers, that nervousness occurs on both sides. While I don’t feel that I am someone that anyone should feel nervous about speaking with, I will admit that those nerves can add an extra spice to the experience, of its own.

Are you considering a first-time phone sex experience? Perhaps the first time with a new lover, or maybe the first time with a phone sex operator, like myself… Well, the first thing you need to know is that there are no hard and fast rules… There are endless ways to begin that conversation and even more possibilities for its continuation and that explosive finale. Communication is obviously key. Phone sex would be impossible without it!

It can start with a casual mention of wanting. Or, by reciting a sexy story first, to get the juices flowing… Perhaps a suggestion of role-play, of other professions, costumes or characters. One of the easiest ways to initiate phone sex is to share a fantasy. There really are endless options…

Now, if you are thinking about first-time phone sex with a PSO or phone sex operator, there are perhaps a few basic niceties to keep in mind…

First, always take the time to familiarize yourself with your chosen operators website. Our websites contain vital information. Such as our limits and boundaries, our specialties and preferences, our times of availability, our individual rates, options and methods of payment, notes and bios to acquaint you with our individual personalities, and much more…

When you are contacting individual operators, it is important to realize that we are human. In other words, we are not awake and available 24 hours a day! We need to take time for ourselves, to rest, to bathe, to cook, and many of us have families who need us, at times–times when we can’t drop everything to run for the phone. So, look for our indicators to tell you if we are available. Many of us can make ourselves available with a quick email notification to let us know that you want us… And, don’t assume that texting will reach us. Many PSO’s use landlines to ensure a clear call. Land lines don’t generally accept texts, unless your girl is using a service such as Google Voice.

Once you’ve established that your lady is available and eagerly waiting to be swept off her feet (and directly into your bed!), the next thing to tackle is payment.

While many girls still accept credit card payments over the phone, many are also beginning to switch to online payments, only. Online payments provide more security to yourself, help the girls to avoid chargebacks and unfortunate penalty fees, and also help us to keep our prices reasonable because we don’t have so many credit card fees to deal with. Online payment is a very good thing! Only very rarely will a girl accept PayPal. PayPal is not particularly friendly to the adult industry… Particularly when it comes to the sex trade. It also provides no privacy for either party. I do not recommend asking your PSO to accept PayPal.

So, follow her website instructions to pay online, or phone your girl and give her your credit card information (provided she takes payment that way). Her page/website should tell you how she charges for time. Many girls charge for “blocks” of time. In other words, if you expect that you will only need 10 minutes to reach heaven, then you will pay for a 10 minute block of time. If you want to go slow, explore, and have all the time in the world to ravish your baby thoroughly, you might choose to pay for a 1-hour block of time.

There are some phone sex services which will allow you to pay per minute. Whether or not this saves you money, depends… Personally, I only charge for the phone sex portion of the conversation, itself. I don’t charge for questions or other “get to know you” conversation which excludes sexual content. Girls who charge per minute directly, from the moment they accept your call, often charge for the entire conversation, including your questions and other polite conversation. These girls are often motivated to keep you on the phone as long as they possibly can, so that the meter keeps running. Whereas, girls who charge for a block of time, tend to be more mindful of your designated schedule. In my experience, it typically costs callers less when they pay for blocks, because of these things. it also means you aren’t going to keep running up your bill if you don’t properly hang up your phone or initiate a pocket dial.

From this point on, all the really fun stuff starts! Once you are settled up on your payment, you can snuggle in with your phone sex kitten and really start to make her purr! And, believe me, no one purrs like a phone sex operator!

I, personally, love to be a caller’s first time phone sex experience! I love it! I love the opportunity to make a caller feel comfortable and wanted. To answer their questions… and maybe even make them blush. I love their wonder and appreciation at the excitement of their first time phone sex experience.

Again, remembering my own first-time phone sex experiences, it thrills me to share that exhilaration with others!

Have I answered your questions about first-time phone sex? If not, please feel free to contact me! I would love to hear from you and to have the opportunity to tell you anything else you might wish to know. Also, don’t hesitate to contact me to schedule your own first time phone sex session!

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Forbidden Office Fruit

Sloppy, wet suction and soft moans were exactly the kind of ambiant music that the ol’ office space needed, Rick thought to himself, while he watched his private show. Betty was on her knees beneath Rick’s desk. The pretty teen intern’s rosy lipstick was mostly rubbed off. Her soft brown hair slid like silk over his exposed lap and she had a seal locked tight around his dick. Her slippery pink tongue drawing crazy patterns all up and down his stiff shaft, never paused, while her head bobbed up and down on it.

Betty’s navy skirt was hiked up around her waist, knees spread wide, while her fingers worked beneath her panties. She’d already brought herself to cum once and was working frantically towards another orgasm.

A knock sounded at the door to his office, but he ignored it. Betty, however, froze. He gave her a reassuring smile and said “The door is locked. They’ll assume I’m on a conference call. Don’t worry about it”. A moment later she resumed sucking down his cock, working one hand around it’s base, before removing it briefly to deep throat him again. Damn, she ate dick like a pro!

Rick could feel himself getting closer. But, he wasn’t ready for his “coffee break” to end so quickly. “Betty, honey, hold on…” he said, placing a hand on her head to slow her down.

“Hmmm?” She replied, sounding a bit dazed.

He pushed back on his roller chair and reached for her arm, pulling her up to stand. He stood also, and turned her around to face his desk. “Bend over” he said into her ear, before placing his hand on her back to give her an encouraging push. She complied with a whimper.

He took her in, then. Skirt around her waist, one thigh high stocking beginning to slide down her leg while the other obediently stayed put. A cute pair of sage green bikini panties were drenched and askew, exposing the pink lips of her pretty shaved pussy. It was rosy, swollen and glistening. He had to taste it!

Getting on his knees, he put his lips on her, letting his tongue delve delve deep into her sex. She moaned while he lapped at her honey. He moved to suck gently on her clit and gave it a gentle nibble, which made her gasp. He began to slide two fingers into her tight heat, aggressively working them in and out of her while he sucked on her swollen clit and pussy lips. Thoroughly enjoying the wet sounds and the deepening of her cries, which she tried to muffle against the sleeve of her blouse, he used his free hand to slide one of her feet over, so that he could move in closer. Get in deeper.

She came. Her pussy clamping tightly down on his fingers in convulsions. Her thighs quivered and shook. And she drenched his hand. Her pussy juices soon dripped down his chin.

His cock strained, fair begging to pound that tight, swollen teen pussy.

While she panted, there on his desk, he sngged a condom from the drawer and expertly slid it on. Rick helped Betty to stand on trembling legs before sitting back in his office chair.

He guided her hips back and positioned his cock for her to sit on. That slippery cunt took him to the hilt, with no resistance. Betty cried out at the suddenness of it. Rick grunted then moaned with the satisfaction of it.

“Play with your nipples for me” he told her. She complied, shoving her blouse and bra up over her breasts and proceeding to pinch and pull those pretty pink nipples. He guided her hips with his hands, moving her quickly on his cock, deeply as she would take him. Those delicious wet sounds joined the clapping of their bodies.

They were both sweaty with the exertion of it, there in the quiet of his office. Heavy breathing, moaning and Betty’s whimpers, the wet sounds of her pussy plunging up-and-down on his stiff cock… These sounds pervaded the air around him.

Finally, he buried his face against her back and yelled, spending his orgasm, cumming hard into the forbidden teen intern who brought everyone their coffee each morning.

He’d been dying to fuck her ever since the first day he laid eyes on her. She was one hell of a good time, too.

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