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Payment Obstacles, Anonymity & Bitcoin

Allow me to begin by saying that, while this blog post is about payments, in general, on adult websites, I have an agenda to put an emphasis on paying with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. I want to hear your feedback on this subject, either in reply to this blog entry or directly, by email.

Payments on adult sites (in this case, for phone sex services) can be tricky. Credit cards leave trails, though they may be discrete. They come with fees, red tape and weighty regulations. These can affect both merchant and buyer in a variety of ways, and they carry the risk of chargebacks for the merchant. Chargebacks result in long-term consequences which affect both the client and the merchant. A Popular and common solution, are Visa/MasterCard gift cards, which give back anonymity and are slightly easier to use as they are not directly associated with a specific address or name, but still many find them lacking in expediency at checkout.

After all, when you’re in the mood… you want checkout to be fast!

Sites such as PayPal, are strictly against being used on adult sites. Were you to use PayPal on my own PSO site, and were PayPal to discover this, they would shut down my account posthaste and keep any currency I might presently have stored on their website. Additionally, PayPal offers no anonymity, no privacy, to either side. All personal information is displayed readily. I don’t want this for myself or for my clients.

Many other payment services are lacking in privacy. Many leave  susceptible to fraud.

I’ve been offered payments by direct bank wire, Western Union, PayPal, and a variety of other sources… As I’m sure you can well imagine! Many of these payment options put my own safety and personal information in jeopardy. Which, obviously, is one of the biggest reasons why I don’t accept them.

Now, moving on to the subject of Bitcoin…

Over the past decade, a new form of currency has been created and nurtured. Cryptocurrencies (encrypted currencies)–primarily Bitcoin–are an exciting, confusing, mostly-anonymous, and expedient means of payment. It comes with its own risks and rewards. It also requires a solid, basic understanding in order to use it properly. That said, it could possibly be the most ideal form of payment on adult websites such as my own. In the past, taking Bitcoin as payment on PSO sites, has failed, primarily due to a lack of understanding. Now that the word ‘Bitcoin’ is becoming more commonplace in society, it might be time to try again…

I want to know what you think! I want to read comments and thoughts, and I want those of you who might be interested in playing with Bitcoin, to do some research and draw your own personal conclusions. Personally, I am a big fan of Bitcoin! But when it comes to a person’s own finances, each of us needs to draw their own conclusions. Hence, take their own risks. I am going to include links in this blog to some potentially helpful sources of information. Feel free to go further however.

I appreciate my readers and my clients, and I want to thank you for taking the time to read this blog entry. I hope to hear from some of you!

One last comment on my part… Even if you have no interest in purchasing phone sex sessions, or any interest in cryptocurrency investments, I still encourage you to dip your toe in the water and learn! This is fascinating stuff! And it has the potential to be a big game changer for the financial workings of our global community. We live in a time of big changes, which happen fast. Don’t hesitate to stay well-informed.


A few places to start…

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– Begin obtaining a well-rounded understanding of the basics…start from the beginning!

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– Want more background information? Varying perspectives?

The Bitcoin Phenomenon


Art & Beauty in the Sex Trade

Art & Beauty in the Sex Trade

Written by Vanessa Raqs


Art & Beauty in the Sex Trade

I remember watching the TV series, Firefly, when it first aired. I was fairly enamored of Inara, the “Companion” (high class prostitute/coutesan). She rented a shuttle from the space captain, Mal. When she applied to be his tenant (shown in a later episode), she assured him that he most certainly would rent it to her and at a fraction of his asking price. When he asked her why she believed so, she replied confidently that it is because she brought “a certain respectability…”.

Phèdre nó Delaunay de Montrève, courtesan of the Night Court, is a fictional character in an epic and addictive Fantasy/BDSM genre book series called Kushiel’s Dart, written by author, Jacqueline Carey. I’ve read all six novels in this series, at least three times over now. Throughout the series, Phèdre both embodies and helps to reform, the already-highly-sophisticated sex trade within her culture. The Night Court is the central focus within her D`Angeline society. Sex isn’t just socially acceptable, it is also celebrated, glorified, appreciated and beautified! The courtesans of the Night Court are highly trained, specialized professionals who represent the classiest of pastimes within the city. Trained to have impeccable manners, numerous skills, and an artful representation of themselves and their trade. You cannot read these books without coming away from it wishing that there were a place of its quality, artistry and beauty, somewhere on this planet.

Even within our real-life human history, there is room for such approach within the sex trade. For example, consider the Geisha. These Japanese courtesans were highly educated and trained to be living art in their communities. Again, they were so much more than solicitors of sexual expertise.

These three examples are meant to bring a hint of the attributes which such things as tradition, art, sophistication, education and respect, can bring to something as basic (or as complicated) as sex.

My entrance into the sex trade was a rather innocent one. I wanted to dance for an audience. I also wanted to make some money doing something I loved. I started out camming on one of the more popular sites for this service. I bellydanced! I absolutely revel in bellydancing. I would turn on my WebCam, put on my favorite blues music, come on camera wearing a skimpy but beautiful belly dance costume. And dance my heart out until my body didn’t want to move anymore! I made so very little in tips, as the men mostly wanted to pay to see my boobs (as if there weren’t already enough models providing that particular service! For free, no less!), but I still received a great deal of appreciation for what I did. The very first day that I attempted this pastime, I found a message in my inbox. A man had written me to tell me how I had made his day especially wonderful. He had watched me dance, enjoyed the blues, and sipped a glass of wine. For me, that message was the best thing I received from my experience of dancing on WebCam. It made me feel as though I had brought something beautiful and unique to others. And yes, something sexy as well!

High quality, classy entertainment, and the sex trade are a natural love-match.

I realize that the opinion I am about to present might very well open me up to some criticism. But I personally feel that the most common presentation of the sex trade, in our modern society, is a lazy one! We are lazy in our presentations of it as well as in our expectations of it. Granted, a good deal of this is due to the fact that much of the sex trade is either illegal, discouraged or frowned upon. I won’t deny that this trade is stifled. While in novels, film or rare moments in history, it has been depicted as a profession of refinement, this is seldom the case nowadays. Its existence anywhere though, tells me that we are, nonetheless, craving this higher expression of our sexuality.

I recognize that the general public view of sex and the sex trade, has in fact evolved by leaps and bounds over these past few decades. People are not only becoming more comfortable with it, but we have reached a point where it is not even uncommon for individuals to identify as something more/other than simply male or female. I personally even know a particular 13-year-old who has come to passionately refer to her/himself as “gender fluid” and “pansexual”. I have received quite an education on these labels, in fact, by this individual… Our younger generations are already feeling the need to move into new new territory, sexually, than that of the limited range of their predecessors. What’s next?

Now, imagine a world where the sex trade reaches a point of accessibility and acceptability, by which it becomes possible to even consider it a trade worthy of legitimate education. Imagine the possibilities if we could open ourselves to sex in all its artistic potential. If our society could embrace it for its beauty, it’s therapeutic qualities, and simply it’s natural and rightful place within our humanity. There is so much more to be explored in the sex trade then what we have thus far. Don’t get me wrong… As a phone sex operator I am most certainly aware of just how thoroughly certain aspects of the sex trade have been explored…but we are still neglecting so much of it. so much of it which could be seen as breathtakingly beautiful, were we to give it the chance.

Human sexuality is as diverse as the world around us. While, I agree, there are some stones that can be gladly left unturned, there are so many other wonders which we don’t begin to explore because much of modern day society shakes its finger at us and says “No, no, no… put your clothes back on!”.

I realize there is a great deal more that can be said here on all angles of this subject. More than I can express in one blog. But these are thoughts I’ve had many times over. I welcome the thoughts of others on this subject. Whether you agree with me or disagree, or have a perspective somewhere in between, or perhaps even a thought on a subject that is off to the side as it were, I would love to hear it!


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